65 Gallon Black Trash Bags for Toter®, 50 Bags Per Case


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Have you experienced frustration trying to fit your 64 Gallon Toter® Trash Can? Finding the right bag can be confusing. Standard 65 gallon bags are 50” x 48”, which means they’re too short to properly fit the 64 Gallon Toter® Wheeled Trash Cart. That means the bag is forever falling down. It doesn’t have to be that way! These 65 gallon black garbage bags are made a whole foot longer, at 50” x 60” giving you lots of extra height to work with! Made in the USA from low-density plastic of the highest quality, they are 1.5 mil thick, and finished with a gusset seal. They are puncture resistant, flexible, and strong enough for outside use.


  • 64 Gallon Black Trash Bags for Toter
  • 1.5MIL Thick
  • 50″ X 60″
  • 50 Bags Per Case


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