Glad Odorshield Quick-Tie Small Trash Bags, Fresh Clean, 156 Count

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Glad odor shield small quick-tie trash bags with febreze freshness are strong sturdy bags that neutralize smelly odors. These bags control tough odors around the home and on the go with continuous neutralization (based on time-lapse test) and leave behind a fresh, clean scent. The quick-tie strong and dependable built-in flaps provide easy closure and help keep the bag securely shut to avoid messy trash disasters as you transport it. No need for inconvenient twist-ties that can be misplaced, just close the bag by cross tying the handles and you’re done. Perfect for use in bathrooms, bedrooms, your car or when you’re on the go. Get a handle on smelly trash with glad odor shield technology.


  • Six 26 count boxes of 4 gallon small trash bags in fresh clean scent with flap quick-tie closure
  • Odor shield technology with febreze freshness continuously neutralizes odors (based on time-lapse technical test)
  • Quick-tie flaps close the trash bag securely and keep trash inside
  • Strong, built-in flaps make collecting, lifting and carrying trash more convenient
  • No need for inconvenient twist-ties


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