JOBY Wrist Strap for DSLR and Mirrorless Professional Cameras.

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NEVER LOSE YOUR GRIP. Be absolutely confident in the safety of your camera with the JOBY Wrist Strap. The ultra-strong nylon braided strap is strong enough to hold a pro DSLR with a zoom lens, yet discreet enough for a CSC or point and shoot cameras. The automatic adjustable strap will adhere to your wrist if you lose your grip on your gear, while the stopper stitch will prevent it from pinching uncomfortably. COMFORT IS KEY. Over here at JOBY we know that comfort is key. Long days of shooting can take a toll on your body, which is why we designed this DSLR camera wrist strap to be lightweight (less than ½ ounce) and easily adjustable. The 1-cm braided nylon strip can fit around almost any hand with ease. This non-invasive band won’t get in the way as you maneuver your camera, so you can take get the shots you want without limitations.


  • EASY TO ADJUST. The JOBY Wrist Strap will never get in the way, as you shoot your favorite subjects. This strap is designed to fit almost anyone and adjusts quickly and comfortably. The stopper stitch won’t pinch your wrist, but will provide the security you need.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT STRENGTH. Made of ABS plastic and nylon webbing, you can find an easy peace of mind. Weighing less than a ½ ounce, it can support a mirrorless DSLR, point and shoot camera, or Pro DSLR with ease, gives you freedom you need to get creative.
  • DISCRETE AND FLEXIBLE. This non-invasive camera strap won’t get in your way as you move your way around your camera controls. The braided nylon cord with a polypropylene stopper ensures a perfect fit for fast transitions between and easier shooting.
  • SUPER SECURE. The JOBY Wrist Strap provides a secure hold for even the heaviest DSLR’s with zoom lenses. This camera strap automatically tightens if your camera falls from your grasp, so you will feel confident in the safety of your gear.
  • ULTRA COMFORTABLE. We know your travels take you far and wide, and comfort is key. This camera wrist strap is made of 1 cm wide nylon that will stay comfortable for hours. It is easy to take on and off as you conveniently take it on any adventure.


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