Mirrorvana Non- Magnifying Vanity Makeup Mirror, Perfect Modern & Elegant Frameless Design for Bedroom or Bathroom, Large 9.8″ x 7″ Rectangular Glass Surface

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There are many generic mirror brands on the market and then there is Mirrorvana. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should buy a Mirrorvana today.

#1 – Do Your Makeup Flawlessly – Our crystal clear reflection and spacious 9.8″x7″ rectangular surface makes doing your makeup, mascara or even popping that pesky pimple easy breezy.

#2 – It’s The Perfect Addition To Your Vanity – Looks matter and you wouldn’t be here on this page if you weren’t impressed. Why go with a competing brand when you can go with Mirrorvana? There is just no comparison.

#3 – NO. BROKEN. GLASS – Shipped in not one but three layers of protection which means it will survive even the most violent and harshest conditions.

#4 – Detachable and Compact For Travel – Conveniently unscrew the base from the mirror in under 30 seconds so you can neatly tuck it inside your suitcase. Most mirrors from competing brands ship as a single piece which is just plain clunky to travel with.

#5 – The Gift to Give for “Her” – We’ve packed your Mirrorvana in a classic white gift box that is sure to impress that special “her” in your life. Give a gift that already looks like a gift!

Before you decide to purchase, we just want you to know that you are protected by our “Nirvana With Mirrorvana” guarantee. This means if you are less than ABSOLUTELY THRILLED with your new mirror within the first 1000 days of your purchase, we will issue a full refund or free replacement. But we know you’ll LOVE doing your makeup using your new Mirrorvana so don’t wait any longer, click the “Add to Cart” button now and experience the difference.


  • ★ THE MIRROR YOUR VANITY NEEDS – (Your vanity table that is.) There’s a lot of mirrors on the market and then there is Mirrorvana. Sturdy frame, padded base, polished chrome, elegant design…it’s a Mirrorvana your vanity (table) needs and it’s a Mirrorvana your vanity (table) desires. Be vain…with Mirrorvana.
  • ★ MAKEUP, LASHES, EYEBROWS, PLUCKING, TWEEZING…OH MY! – “Mirror mirror on the wall, who does the prettiest make-up of them all?” Why, it’ll be you of course with the help of your new Mirrorvana makeup mirror. With a crystal clear 9.8-inch x 7-inch reflection, you’ll effortlessly breeze through your make up and skincare routine. Who’s the prettiest of them all again?
  • ★ A GIFT YOUR SISTER, MOTHER, DAUGHTER, (GIRL)FRIEND WILL LOVE – You’ve got the right idea if you’re thinking about giving a mirror as a gift. The problem is, you can’t just give any plain, old mirror. You want to give something classy, stylish, modern, and reflects your great taste. You want to give something that looks and feels just like a gift. We’ve made it simple for you – the gift of Mirrorvana. (We’ve already packed inside an elegant white gift box so you don’t have to. 😀 )
  • ★ WHEREVER YOU GO, THERE’S YOUR MIRROR – Most mirrors you find are bulky, clumsy and very difficult to fit into a suitcase. But not this Mirrorvana. In just a few seconds, you can detach the base from the mirror and tuck it neatly into your suitcase. But if you’re packing light and won’t have anything to cushion/protect your mirror, you’ll appreciate the compact packaging boxes your Mirrorvana ships in. Just bring them with you wherever you go and there you are.
  • ★ GUARANTEED “MIRROR NIRVANA” WITH YOUR MIRRORVANA – To put it simply, we don’t want your money if you’re not happy with your purchase. If you truly feel we did not earn your money, simply get in touch with us, and we will replace or refund every last penny even if it’s outside our extended “1000 day warranty” period. No jumping through hoops, no lame excuses, no hassle. We just want you to be in complete nirvana with Mirrorvana, OK?


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