【Powerful Suction for a Clean Living Environment】
With a real 7 kPa powerful suction, the handheld vacuum captures and picks up easy-to-miss dust from the floor, walls, sofas, car interiors and more.

【Ultra-Long 30 Minute Runtime】
Powered by a 14.8 V 2200 mAh removable and rechargeable Li-ion battery, capable of 30 minutes of use when fully charged. The ultra-long and upgradeable runtime is sufficient for you to finish your cleaning task without the hassle of re-charging during use.

【Compact and Easy to Store】
Designed with only 2 lbs of weight, the vacuum can be used effortlessly. The ergonomic design even allows for one hand operation. The storage is also a breeze. Simply place the device on the versatile charging base and store it tidily.

【Q & A】
1. Does it pick up liquid spills?
Yes. No more worrying about crazy moments like the kids spilling milk on the kitchen floor or the poodle leaving curly hair on sofa and carpet. The vacuum cleaner can easily clean dust, crumbs, and liquids (no more than 100 ml).
2. Is it suitable for car cleaning?
Our vacuum is a must-have for car owners who travel a lot. You can quickly and conveniently take out the vacuum to clean without needing to wait in line at the gas station to use their clunky, outdated, awkward vacuum cleaners.
3. Is remaining battery power indicated?
Yes. The vacuum cleaner is built with 3 indicators, allowing you to check the remaining power. When fully charged, battery indicators light continuously. The straightforward indication adds convenience for you to charge.
4. Is the battery replaceable?
Yes. It is removable and replaceable. The spare batteries are available on Amazon.

Product Weight: 2 Lb
Item Dimensions : 13.8 *5.5*2.8 Inch
Rated Voltage: DC14.8V
Battery Type: Li-ion 2200mAh
Working Time: Up to 30 Mins
Cleaning Efficiency:≥99.89%
Max Power: 100W
Suction : ≥7.0KPA


  • 【Extremely Powerful】High-efficiency 100W motor and advanced cyclonic technology provide a real 7000Pa suction without any exaggeration; reliable suction for thoroughly cleaning of your carpets, offices, vehicles and more
  • 【Detachable Battery】Unlike previous dust busters that need complicate dismantlement to release the battery, NOVETE hand vacuum releases or replaces its battery with a single press, no more unsteady running time caused by battery recession. (NOVETE supplies Spare Batteries and HEPA Filters on Amazon)
  • 【Up to 30 Minute Run time】The removable 4 x 2200 mAh 14.8 V lithium-ion battery delivers up to 30 minutes of continuous run time per full charge; the charging base provides handy storage while the battery replenishes; the LED light indicates charging status and remaining battery life
  • 【Versatile & Effective】 Comes with 3 attachments for wet and dry use; cleaning sofas, walls, stairs, rugs and other hard-to-reach areas; the bagless and translucent 0.16-gallon dust cup holds an amount of dirt, so you can empty it less
  • 【Quiet & Lightweight】The advanced motor system delivers the high performance at a very low noise level; the low weight of 2 lbs greatly eases your cleaning task; the ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry from room to room, provides comfortable cleaning and heightened control
  • 【3-Year Warranty Guarantee】60-day money back guarantee, 24-month warranty and 12-month warranty extension for registered customers on our official website; if you are not fully satisfied with the hand vac, feel free to contact us for refund or replacement