RinGuard Ring Size Adjuster (Set of 3 Sizes)

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Manufactured in the US, the RinGuard ring size adjuster/reducer eliminates problems through its innovative spiral design. The spiral allows for the RingGuard to fit comfortably, and flexibly, to nearly any ring. Unlike tube-based designs, the spring/spiral RinGuard will not retain water or dirt and fits a wide variety of ring shapes and sizes. Don’t lose a ring, or wear an uncomfortable, inferior, ring adjustment product. Keep your ring comfortable with a RinGuard.


  • US Made Hypo-Allergenic Surgical Grade PVC Tubing
  • Innovative, spiral-based design provides a long-lasting & snug fit for most rings
  • Prevents water-retention & contaminant build-up
  • 3 sizes included fit most rings, no adhesive, chemicals or fasteners required
  • Stays on for longer and is more comfortable than other ring size adjusters


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