Simplehuman Trash Can Liner J, 30-40 Liters/8-10.5 Gallons, 20-Count Bag

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Custom-fit liners are custom designed to fit simplehuman cans easily and precisely, eliminating unsightly overhang. Available in a range of sizes, these liners feature extra-thick construction and convenient draw cloCustom. Liner J is designed to perfectly fit all of simplehuman’s 38 Liter / 10 Gallon rectangular step cans, the 35 Liter / 9 Gallon slim step cans, and the 40 Liter/ 10.5 Gallon round step cans.


  • Custom fit liners: simplehuman liners are tailored to perfectly fit our cans so they don’t slip and the bag stays completely Hidden when the lid is Closed
  • Thick double seams: Extra durable plastic and thick double seams prevent rips and tears
  • Convenient drawstring handles: easy to lift, tie and carry
  • Handy dispenser packs: perforated opening for easy dispensing
  • Extra durable plastic and a thick double seal prevents tears.
  • Easy to lift drawstring handles.
  • Trash bag fits perfectly with the corresponding simplehuman trash can.


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