Trash Bags, For 55 Gallon, Large Heavy Duty Trash Bags, 50 Per Case, Black, By Veska

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Are you tired of fussing around with those flimsy trash bags, which easily puncture and rip only to leave behind a mess? If so, these Black trash bags by Veska are the perfect solution for you! They’re big, they’re strong and they can be used both indoors in the kitchen, garage and outdoors for organizing, cleaning up, or landscaping. Use them to rake up leaves, gather branches in the yard or in large capacity trash cans. In order to ensure they can withstand even the toughest jobs around the home, our 55 gallon Black trash bags are made in the USA out of a premium quality, thick Black plastic. What more could you ask for from a heavy duty trash bag?


  • 55 Gallon Trash Bags – These heavy duty drum liners are puncture resistant, flexible, and strong enough for indoor and outside use. Dimensions 36 x 55
  • Durable Martial the Tear and puncture-resistant plastic is both thick and able to stretch, making it ideal for accommodating all of your clean-up and storage needs.
  • Tear And Leak- resistant garbage bags which makes it prefect for construction sites, workshops, or backyard use
  • Low-density resins are both strong and flexible, and at a gauge of 1.5 Mil, these quality bags can cope with anything from nails to jagged glass or splintered framing.
  • Great on site, in the workshop, or at home, these bags are a perfect fit for large drum cans.


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